Just One of the Royals

Title: Just One of the Roayls

Genre: Young Adult

Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush

Release Date: June 2018


Everyone knows Daniel is the baddest boy on the Chicago Falcons. What they don’t know is he’s also the heir to the small country of Eldonia! Daniel wants nothing more than to stay in Chicago playing hockey, but when he realizes he must accept the throne or have his family lose their kingdom forever, it’s time for Daniel to exchange his helmet for a crown.

But with his wild partying habits, Daniel’s definitely not king-material. Luckily his will-they-or-won’t-they best friend Madison volunteers to turn this rascal into royalty. By posing as his long-term girlfriend, Madison is sure she can clean up Daniel’s act and help him take the throne.

But the more Madison transforms Daniel into a king, the more she realizes she’s losing her best friend. Maybe doing what’s best for Eldonia isn’t what’s best for Daniel. Can Madison save the kingdom and find love in the process?

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