Jane Unwrapped

Title: Jane Unwrapped

Genre: Young Adult

Publisher: Entangled Teen Crave

Release Date: October 12th 2015


Some tombs should never be opened…

Mummification was not the kind of experiment teen scientist Jane thought she’d be conducting-especially not when she winds up trapped in the Egyptian underworld. If that’s not bad enough, the snarky (but outrageously handsome) god Anubis has sworn to devour her soul. Her only ticket out of the underworld? Go back in time and steal the heart of King Tutankhamen.

Time to test that hypothesis.

Between posing as a priestess, trying to murder the intriguing young pharaoh, and being stalked by Anubis-who can’t seem to decide if he’s going to kiss her or kill her-Jane has to make a choice: do the logical thing and steal Tut’s heart, or find a way to save them both…even if it means rebelling against all the gods of Egypt.

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